Turgen Waterfalls are one of the most visited sites in the Almaty Oblast. They are located in the most beautiful gorge of the National Park where there are 7 waterfalls. Most popular from them are Bear and Kairak.

The first 30 meters high waterfall is located in the pic­turesque place among overhanging cliffs. The cliffs in the mountain area are parted by the earthquake and keep prints of plantations of preglacier period. In 300 meters above the bridge, from which tourists usually go to the Bear Water­fall, there is a «source of beauty» – a spring with tasty and cold water. Waterfall of Kairak is about three hours walk away from the forestry. The drop height of the main flow of the waterfall is 40 m, and the total height with all rapids equals to 74 meters. The gorge is famous for its relic Chin­turgen mossy spruce groves, where green mosses covering the ground form a springy carpet.