Vegetable world

The Alatau Mountains relating to Northern Tien Shan, within which is situated the National Park, have a fauna that is rich and varied for its vegetation types. Studying types of the flora in this specially protected natural area is not over yet, but it has been known that in here over 2000 plant species can be found.

Very interesting and enigmatic of them are rare kinds which are specially protected and included in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. There are very rare endemics which are found in a scanty area. So far they have been known in a sole gorge where the first time were found and described by experts – botanists as new species for science. Plants such as Eutrema pseudocordifolium and small-fruited whitlow grass from the Left Talgar are not elegant at first glance. The others, for instance, like mountain Pastinacopsis qlacialis glamorous Oxytropis almaatensis, Almaty-based jurinea similar to a pinkflorous cornflower, classified first in various gorges of the National Park, later were found in other places of the Zailiyskiy Alatau. However they are characterized by isolated small populations and take their important place in the pages of the Red Book.