Environmental awareness raising activity of the Ile- Alatau National Park is focused on citizens of Almaty and population of the Talgar, Enbekshi Kazakh and Karasai districts of the Almaty Oblast, as well as on various visitors and tourists visiting the National Park.

Environmental awareness raising includes such basic activities as:

1) promotion of environmental knowledge, coverage of the Park’s activity in the mass media;

2) organization of a visit-center for visitors, holding of exhibitions and expositions dedicated to the Park’s nature, the history and culture of the region;

3) holding of an annual environment action in support of the Park called «March of Parks», organizing ecological camps, introduction practices for students;

4) organization of school forestry.

Every year, scientists of the Park are invited to deliver speeches under environmental programs on TV channels such as »Khabar», «Astana», «Kazakhstan- 1», «31 channel» and other channels, and on the Kazakh Radio as well. Materials on environmental topics are published in central and local mass media in Astana, Almaty, Talgar, Kaskelen and Yessyk.