Almaty State Integrated Nature Reserve

The Almaty State Integrated Nature Reserve was founded in 1953, according to Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic No 992 dated December 31 in order to preserve and reproduce hunting and commercial fauna, as a zoological reserve for a period of 10 years.

In 1960-1962, the Central Administration of reserves and hunting sector under the Council of Ministers released in the reserve bisons, hybrids of European bisons and American buffalo, Bukhara deer, spotted deer, saiga antelopes, mountain and brown hares, squirrels, sables, golden pheasants. But this event didn’t bring any positive results. In 1962, according to Order of the Kazakh Central Administration of hunting industry, any hunting and stay with shotguns and with all gear types in the reserve was prohibited with a view to further transform the reserve into the Almaty National Nature Park.