TheTalgar branch of the Ile Alatau State National Nature Park was founded in 1996 based on the Prigorodny forestry enterprise of the Almaty Oblast Forestry Administration. The total area of the Talgar branch amounts to 26652 hectares, and the branch is divided into three forestry stations: the Kokbastau forestry, total area makes 8439 hectares, located in two gorges of Soldatskoye and Rakhat; the Kotyrbulak forestry, total area makes 10692 hectares, located in the Kotyrbulak mountain area; and the Talgar forestry, total area amounts to 7521 hectares, located in gorges of Maralsai, Soldatsai, Osinovoye, Vaganovo, Krasilnikovo, Blizhnee, Belbulak and Zhamanbulak. From the earliest times in the Sandyksai mountain area there have been dacha communities of «Rodnik», «Kluychi» and «Gorky».

Map showing the location of forestry stations of the Talgar branch