The basic tasks of the department:

1. Organization of accounting and tax accounting.

2. Control of the use of material, labor and financial resources, protection of the park property.

3. Determination of the composition and sources of economical funds and their cash flows.

4. Accounting for fixed assets, inventory items.

5. Settlements with suppliers and customers.

6. Calculation and transfer of payments to the state budget, contributions to social funds and pension insurance, employee salaries and taxes.

7. Preparation and submission of financial documents to the archive.

8. Determination of the needs of the institution in personnel and recruitment, together with the heads of departments.

9. Registration of personnel files.

10. Issuance of certificates and copies of the documents at the request of workers.

11. Keeping of leave records, leave scheduling and administration in accordance with applicable labor laws. A lawyer in the National Park provides the observance of legislation, provides legal assistance to branches, departments in their professional activities. Besides, the lawyer introduces the rule of law in the life of the park, raises legal awareness of workers. He is a member of the Disciplinary Board and represents the legitimate interests of the park in all the institutions, courts, and law enforcement bodies.