Tourist routes

The national park is visited mainly for the purpose of a short-term rest, so called «a Weekend break». All the canyons and forestry are divided by the number of visitors. The biggest by the number of holidaymakers – is the Big Almaty Gorge, then – Turgen, Aksai gorges, followed by Kotyr-Bulak, Issyk, Kaskelen and Butakovskiy gorges. To serve tourists and holiday-makers recreational areas were established and developed with shelters, gazebos, fire-pits, tables and benches being installed.

On the territory of the Ile-Alatau National Park there were laid 42 tourist routes: 13 training nature paths and 29 tourist routes, among them – 21 horse-walking, 8-cycling ones. The biggest demand is for the walking routes «Turgen waterfalls», «Men’s and Women’s tears waterfall», «Butakovskiy waterfall», «Akzhar landslide», «Maralsay», «Akzhar skete». Among horse riding routes the following are in heavy demand: «Kimasar - Butakovka –Almatau – Maralsay», «Kaskabas – Big Almaty Lake», as well as the route in the Malovodnensk forestry «Torzhaylyau –Kumbel Pass». There are three motor road excursion routes: «Issyk lake», «Big Almaty Lake» and «Turgen Gorge».


In recent years, in addition to walking tourism climbing, rafting, cycling and horse riding tourism received a large development effort. For horse tours in the Kaskelen Gorge a stable was built to host 20 riding horses. Horse riding instructors conduct training tours for tourists. In total 7 horse routes are in place. Rafting is carried out on the river Turgen.

In the Soldier Gorge of the Talgar branch of the National Park there are few tourist facilities. First of all, this is sport-wellness complex «Ak-Bulak» – a mountain, ski resort, located at the foot of Talgar mountains. The length of the resort’s skiing runs is 5000 meters, the maximum steepness of slope - 55 degrees, the highest point – 2700 meters above sea level. Likewise, «Alatau» resort is popular, which comprise a horse farm, golf club, skiing and biathlon facilities, box school where the Olympic reserve athletes train. In 2011, the skiing - biathlon complex hosted the World Asian Games. Now, these objects are being prepared for Universiade 2017.

The branch is equipped with 15 platforms for picnic rest, and 6 tourist routes and 2 bike tours are laid there. The most popular is tourist route - peak «Pioneer» and Kotyrbulak bike tour. During the summer time, children from the scout camp travel to the waterfall «Butakovskiy» through the Ak-tas and Kyzyl zhar passes and rocks. In winter, holiday-makers are offered with sleighing, ballooning, horse ridings, and cable cars, skiing and snowboarding. Unique cable car with a total length of 3700 m lifts up to 2 660 meters above sea level.